GRAUZONE & Submarine present: 10 000 Russos + The Lumes + The Sweet Release of Death

GRAUZONE and Submarine join forces to organise a serie of concerts in The Hague. 10 000 Russos, The Sweet Release of Death and The Lumes will be the first show, followed by Boy Harsher at nov. 23. And more gigs to follow!

10 000 Russos
Hailing from Porto 10 000 Russos (Fuzz Club) formed in 2012 and created a buzz with their first EP in the international psych community since then. They shared stages with A Place To Bury Strangers, Wooden Shjips, Temples, The Underground Youth and played festivals like Liverpool Psych fest and Eindhoven Psych lab. On April 7 their new record ”DISTRESS DISTRESS” will be released.

In opposition to most of their peers, 10 000 Russos have concentrated on creating soundscapes of the subconscious. The working environment has been fundamental to the flow of their long, obscure urban jams. Recalling the savage and repetitive progressions of Neu! and the longest and grimmest drones of Suicide, the marching heart-beat in the background gives the music the stomp of a solemn drumming ritual across the wastelands of the mind.

The Lumes
If The Lumes’ debut EP Lust found them looking in a reflection, their upcoming mini-LP Envy represents that reflection staring right back at them. Gone are the lush atmospherics that typified the Rotterdam-based trio’s sordid, pitch black protopunk. These days, The Lumes proudly flaunt their blemishes like the scribbles, cavities and cracks etched into a wall of granite. The shoegaze leanings that marked the group’s formative years have evaporated, and what’s left is a corrosive, claustrophobic terra firma where only misfits find respite and reprieve.

The Sweet Release of Death
You can’t call The Sweet Release of Death’s music black and white. Alicia Breton Ferrer (singer/bass), Martijn Tevel (guitar) and Sven Engelsman (drums) form an unpredictable force with shades of grey of noise rock, shoegaze and post punk. Their music is black as the night and wipes out every border between eternal love and mad obsession.

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okt 25 2017


20:00 - 20:00