Submarine & D&ESR present: Doctor Cyclops + Choco

Doctor Cyclops is a seventies-style power trio performing heavy rock music inspired by a vintage sound. They’re like the eldest son of glorious Black Sabbath and of other more underground heroes from the 70ies and early 80ies such as Truth And Janey, Sir Lord Baltimore, Captain Beyond and Witchfinder General. Even later and more modern references are warm-vintage style like Witchcraft, Firebird, Cathedral and Spiritual Beggars.

Choco encounters a lot of different styles of music during their quest. Doom, metal, punkrock, popkraut, stoner, rock, electro, acid, tekno and off course Motorhead and ABBA. Choco’s vocalist is the incarnation of the undead Tom Jones. Stoner disco!

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dec 03 - 04 2017


20:30 - 00:15


The Grey Space in the Middle
Paviljoensgracht 20


Submarine Den Haag